FAQ’s Halal Foods

Halal Foods is your personal go-to Halal meat, Foods and Grocery brand. For an optimal experience with Halal Foods, please read our FAQs. If you have any queries , please reach contact [email protected] or call us at 9821028775.

Is there GST Price?

All Halal Foods prices are inclusive of  Goods and Service Tax. You need not paid additional GST.

Is the Meat Halal?

Yes sir, We only supply Halal meats of Chicken, Mutton. We use only Halal Meat in Pizza and other coocked items.

Is the Pizza is Halal?

Yes Sir, We Use only Halal meat in our Pizza and other cocked items.

Is the meat I get is fresh?

Yes , We delivery fresh meat only, We do not use any chemical and preservative in our Meat.

I’m unable to apply a coupon code to my order While checking out?

Only one coupon code is applicable on one purchase, Halal Foods Coupon codes are not applicable on discounted products unless specified otherwise.

 But , if you are also buying a product, that in not on discount and qualify for a promotional offer , you’ll be able to apply the coupon code applicable on that product.

From where I can get Coupon Code of Halal786.in?

You can get the coupon code notification on top of the page if any offers is running that day.

You can get the message of coupon code on your registered number if company runs any coupon code.

You can refer 1 friend and get Halal Fried Popcorn on your next order.

I’m able to apply the coupon code on Cart, but the discount percentage is not getting applied to my entire cart amount?

Pls Note, Discount percentages are valid on products which qualify for the offer and will be applied only to the amount  sum of these products.

Am I entitled to Free Delivery while promotional offers are running on purchase?

Halal Foods is providing Free Home delivery to its customer irrespective of order size. All other company are charging Rs39 for orders.

Will I be able to order more than one of the same item same day?

Yes, you will be able to order any qty of the same item. Simply ad the Quantity in your shopping cart to your desired quantity.

Can I edit my order once it is placed?  Or Can I even cancel it?

Please review your order carefully before submission on our site. As you know meat is perishable items and we supply Fresh meat and food items.If you cancel it later. Food item will be of no use for us,As we can’t use it again. In case you would like to rethink your purchase, please do so within the first 30 minutes of placing the order (by sending us an email or calling us on our no 9821028775). Please note that orders once packed cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Halal Foods takes great care to ensure that the meat delivered to you is extremely fresh , best in class packaging. Thus, orders once packed cannot be cancelled.